Bolt Technology Corporation is a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of seismic energy sources, seismic energy source controllers and synchronizers and underwater connectors used in offshore seismic exploration for oil and gas.

The Company also is a world-wide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems.

Letter from Chairman, President and CEO of Teledyne to Former Shareholders of Bolt Technology Corporation Regarding Merger.


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Engineered for the Marine Environment - The world’s first bandwidth-controlled airgun

esource air gunBolt Technology Corporation has engineered a new type of seismic source designed to reduce the potential impact of seismic acquisition operations on marine life while also delivering optimal bandwidth for subsurface imaging. The new product, eSource™, is designed to reduce the high-frequency components believed to have most potential for causing disturbance to marine life while retaining the low-frequency components critical to seismic exploration.

  • eSource was introduced at the 2014 EAGE trade show. The attached article was published in the daily newspaper during the 2014 EAGE trade show.
  • Click here to download the eSource presentation at the 2014 EAGE.